For Valentine’s Day, a big ‘Kiss’

Autin Wright of the Sculpture Foundation untangles the statue from the wraps that carried it to its resting place Wednesday morning. The statue known as The Kiss was firmly installed in its new location Wednesday on the grassy knoll at G Street beside the Bob Hope Memorial in the shadow of the USS Midway Museum. The bronze statue made in the image of a famous photograph shot in New York’s Times Square on V-J Day at the end of WWII replaces a fiberglass version that was removed last year.

The sailor’s shoes were shiny, his uniform was crisp and his eyebrows were neatly groomed. The nurse’s stocking seams were straight, and her uniform was a blinding white that could put your eye out. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, San Diego’s most high-profile couple was all spiffed-up and ready to sweep the public off its feet. Again.

“Isn’t it cute?” said tourist Judy Stevens, as the 25-foot statue known as “The Kiss” was being hoisted off a flatbed truck for its installation near the USS Midway Museum. “It’s the world’s most famous kiss. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of us!”

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